Week 7 Lecture: User Interface and beyond!


User Interface: Visual Design Patterns

How a user and system i.e. computer interact with an input of software on any given device.


User Interface design is not just the consideration of graphics rather presenting users with the right tools to accomplish their goals. It is the configuration of solutions that solve common design problems. design patterns are standard reference points for sculpting a UI.

Navigating Patterns

When developing UI’s it is important to consider the following patterns in navigation:

  • Tabs: Navigation Tabs + Drop Down Tabs
  • Menu: Vertical, Horizontal and Accordion drop down menus.
  • Jumping in hierarchy: Shortcut Dropdown, Footers, breadcrumbs
  • Content: Carousel, Event Calendar, Article List





Week 6 Lecture: Scenarios


User Scenarios


User Scenarios are the stories played out by the development of User Personas and User Artefacts. They embellish on ‘outcomes’ of use, thoughts and exercises typically represented in visual form. Scenarios encapsulate that of a user’s goal, expectation and motivation actions and reactions.

An effective way to begin this process is by drafting post notes that might perhaps track different behaviours and stories of a user in the context of daily activity. A net of common problems solved and questions asked are crucial when accommodating a user to a system of all considerations. Despite potential failure to adhere to systems, an scenario good, bad or indifferent will only strengthen the use of information in the end.


Example of my written User Scenario to be fleshed out in visual form for my Design Document in the development of my App.


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 10.16.56 pm.png



Week 5 Lecture: Personas

User Persona:

The User Persona is the representation of the goals and behaviours of a hypothesised group of users. Such data can be collected from interviewed users, captured in one or two page descriptions of fictional details to make the personas realistic in character.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 9.36.23 pm.png

Artefact Persona:

When compiling Artefact Persona data the following should be taken into account. What would said user be like? How would users first react when using the product, what behaviour needs preempting? How could you describe this product to a friend/ colleague? How doe it better than it’s current competitors?

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 9.52.41 pm.png


It is paramount that as a designer you check in with these personas. After all the experience of the interactive depends on user success driving processes upwards. This will enable ease, fluidity in production and fasten design solutions.



Drafting Dave’s Mood.


dave mood board


 Persona Exercise in Profiling

      Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 4.46.54 pm

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